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Late Republic Poetry

Mr. Freewalt's 7th Grade Social Studies Classes - April 2005

Julius Caesar

Caesar was dictator for life,
He was also stabbed by a knife.
Cassius and Brutus wanted Caesar to die,
While Marc Antony told everyone how much he hated that guy.
Marc Antony and Cleopatra fled to Alexander,
Right after Octavian took over throne as dictator.
Marc Antony died by commenting suicide,
That's the same way Cleopatra died.

By Denver S.

Julius Caesar

Caesar was a man without fear
But the Senators not far from his rear
His lust for power was great and leading
But should have listened to his wife's great heeding
History is still in awe at the power he had
And may have succeeded without his big head
We love you Julius and know what you lack
Oh only if you hadn't been stabbed in the back
Now this is where Antony comes into play
And man, is Brutus gonna pay
Now Octavian cuts around the bend
Which leads to Antony and Cleo's end

By Nick H.


They may write him down in history
With their bitter twisted lies
They fought him across Italy
Where many many died
But like a great gladiator
His crew gave them a great surprise.
They wanted to see him broken
Bowed head and lowered eyes
He hid at Mt. Vesuvius
And came out fighting with great pride.
100,000 strong, but still Spartacus died.

By Ta’lor J.

Julius Caesar’s Life

Julius Caesar was a bad dictator got stabbed in the
back by a bunch of traitors.

The soothsayer said beware the ides of March
Julius Caesar said back off don't be harsh.

Brutus was a good friend that stabbed him in the back he did not
give Julius any slack and left him to die now he's as burnt as an apple pie.

By Andy A.

Cleo and Antony

When Cleopatra heard that Antony was in her palace she began to smile
She first met him years before in Egypt when she was just a child
The minute she laid her eyes on him, she fell in love with him
Though, she didn't want to be a cheater
‘Cus she was married to Julius Caesar
"Caesar has been stabbed" Antony said
And dead he is today
That's when Cleo's smile faded away
They had to leave Rome immediately
Both Cleo and her son had to find a way to flee
Antony desired to help Cleo
This was a risk
Because his enemies would strengthen against him in Rome
Scaring him all the way home
Antony disguised himself as a pregnant beggar
A muscular one at that
Obviously it worked though
Because they were on their way back
When they got to Egypt , Cleo and Antony got married in the Nile
With Cleo's son, Caesarion along
Then they produced children
3 more to come along with them

By Ebony H.


Spirited and brave in everything he did
Powerful and Persuading
Advised many slaves to search for freedom
Realized his future early in life
Tried to get out from under the government
A loving person to Varinia
Continued his fight from slavery
Undying in his attempt for freedom
Stays in the hearts of all slaves

By Emma N.

A Man Named Caesar

There once was a man named Caesar
He was a big lady pleaser
The Senate all hated him Brutus did too
So they stabbed him in the back and said
Goodbye old Foo!

By Stephen M.

Julius Caesar

Caesar’s victory was great,
But Pompey’s people were irate.
Caesar’s people celebrated,
Pompey’s became irritated.
The soothsayer prophesied,
Told Caesar to avoid March's ides.
Caesar’s wife, Calphurnia, also tried to warn.
Caesar disregarded it and went out into the storm.
Upon arriving at the meeting of the Senate,
Some members said “Caesar must die,” and they meant it!
One was Caesar’s friend,
This friendship he could not mend.
Brutus was the man,
Killing Caesar was his plan.
After others stabbed him too,
They knew Caesar’s rein was through.

By Karissa A.

How It Went Down

Julius Caesar was an evil dictator
Cassius was his blood thirsty traitor
Cassius came up with an evil plot
Jealous of what Caesar's got
Brutus went to the dark side
The senators stabbed Caesar and he died
After Antony 's speech, the commoners were ready to kill
They acted like they had been popping pills.

By Katy M.

Caesar the Great

Caesar, Caesar some people would say he was a great pleaser,
And others thought he was a teaser,
He was crowned dictator in 44 B.C.,
And by that time he was rich enough to by his own CD,
His wife had a dream that he would be
assassinated; Caesar seemed fascinated with lots
of fear.

By Kylee C.

Julius Caesar Poem

A day a long time ago,
Brutus stabbed his best friend named Caesar.
Calphurnia, Caesar's wife warned him not to go.
Dying in her dream- bathed in his own blood.
Et tu brute'? he asked as dying that day
For the love of Rome ! He finally answered.
Grieving not, his loyal's burned the homes of traitors.

By Kirstie C.


Born as a baby
Beaten into a man
Rich and wealthy
Who he was
Men didn’t stand a chance
Politics were his game
War was his fame
His soul burned with fire
He fears no fear
His life hung by a thread
Was hated by men, but loved by women
He had friends who were backstabbers
A great man’s soul still burns hot
As the day he died

By Corey M.

Cleopatra and Marc Antony

Cleopatra and Marc Antony,
They just wanted to live together happily.
But then this guy Octavian came along,
He wanted to take Cleopatra's love from then on.

Then Cleopatra was sad,
But Marc Antony was just plain mad.
Cleopatra thought her life was done,
Because she knew that Antony was her only true one.

Then she tried to commit suicide,
And Marc Antony had to decide,
If he would fall on his sword, or take his army's side.
When he was almost dead he heard that Cleopatra was safe in bed.

By Mallory L.


Caesar of Rome,
Conquered his home,
Continued to fight,
And caused lots of fright.
Some commoners were mad,
Some senators were mad.
Cobblers were sent home.
Carpenters were made to roam.
For singing in the street,
And jumping on their feet,
Flavius made them leave,
For Pompey's sad death grieve.
The people loved Caesar so.
This Brutus did know.
He loved his conquering friend,
But wanted Caesar's rule to end.
Marullus formed a team,
Of butchers it would seem.
To kill him while at work,
And punishment to shirk.
"Beware the Ides"
The soothsayer sighs.
His hubris kept him proud,
Though his wife's voice loud.
Covering his face he died,
Losing all to shame not pride.
Giving up his honorable life,
Caesar died by his best friend's knife.

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