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Ancient Rome - Index

Roman Index / Timeline Italy before the Romans Romulus and Remus Birth and Rise of Rome Early Roman Republic
The Twelve Tables Punic Wars Late Roman Republic Consuls of the Republic Trouble in the Republic
Julius Caesar Julius Caesar Play and Brutus Trial Antony and Cleopatra Octavian Late Republic Poetry
Early Roman Empire Caesar Augustus Basics of Christianity Pontius Pilate The New Testament
Bishops of Rome / Popes Late Roman Empire Attack of the Barbarians Roman Emperors Roman Emperors List

Primary Sources about Julius Caesar's death, and about Brutus

Appian of Alexandria

"Funeral of Caesar" The Histories, Civil Wars, book 2

Cassius Dio

Roman History (focus on book 44, 9-22)*.html

Nicolaus of Damascus

Life of Augustus (focus on FGrH F 130: (16) )


Life of Julius Caesar*.html


Life of Marc Antony


Life of Marcus Brutus*.html


Life of Julius Caesar (focus on 81-89)*.html

Class handouts for the trial

Shakespeare's Play Julius Caesar

Trial Information Packet

Trial Agenda

Bailiff's Script

Trial Evaluation Sheet

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