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Ancient Greece - Index

Greek Index / Timeline Aegean Sea Civilizations Trojan War Greek Dark Ages Greek Archaic Period
Greek Gods Greek Classical Period - I Persian War Greek Classical Period - II Peloponnesian War
Philosophers Tragedy - Oedipus Greek Classical Period - III Alexander the Great Greek Hellenistic Period

323 - 27 BC - Greek Hellenistic Period

323-280 BC

Wars for control of Alexander's Empire

322 BC

Aristotle dies


Infighting and/or weak rulers cause instability and divided factions

  • These factions or dynasties "Hellenized" (made Greek-like) the areas they controlled

The Ptolemies ruled Egypt

Antigonus the One-Eyed and his son Demetrius the Taker of Cities, among others, fight for control of the empire

301 BC

Antigonus is killed at the battle of Ipsus

His grandson, Antigonus Gonatas, founds the Antigonid dynasty in Macedonia

274 BC

The Seleucid dynasty in Asia Minor through Syria and Mesopotamia to Iran is deposed by the Parthians

  • The Parthians, as well of the Romans, consume much of the Near Eastern portion of Alexander's empire

Hellenistic Civilization

355-263 BC

Zeno of Cypriote Citium, a Cynic, founds the philosophy of Stoicism

342-271 BC

Epicurus of Athens founds the philosophy of Epicureanism

295-? BC

Apollonius Rhodius serves as a librarian of the Great Library in Alexandria, Egypt

  • Writes Argonautica, about Jason and his quest for the Golden Fleece

287-212 BC

Archemedes of Syracuse develops geometry and hydrostatics, as well as calculating pi

217-145 BC

Aristarchus edits Homer's Iliad and serves as a librarian of the Great Library

200 BC

Inflation and pressure from foreign enemies thwarted the growth of the Hellenistic world

146 BC

Greece falls to Rome

27 BC

Suicide of Ptolemaic ruler Cleopatra of Egypt (the last major Hellenistic ruler) signifies the end of the Hellenistic Period •• Freewalt Family •• Search •• Terms of Use

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