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Genealogy (Family Tree) Project Resources

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Surname (Last Name) Origin Websites

General Genealogy Search Websites - Surname Facts

FamilyEducation - Name Lab

Behind the Name Genealogy

RootsWeb - Surnames


African Surnames

Chinese Surnames


Ancestor Search

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Family Search

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Cyndi's List



Kindred Trails

Ancient Families

How to Find Ancient Ancestors - eHow


US Government Records

Records for Other Countries

Historical Lists

Social Security Death Index

National Archives

US Census Records - 1880 

-- (Note:  Nearly all searchable US Census Records are available only through paid subscriptions to and similar sites.  I have no idea why, but as a taxpayer I feel cheated.  The only totally free record I've found so far is this 1880 Census from

UK (England, Scotland, Wales) - Census Records

UK (England, Scotland, Wales) - National Archives

Germany - Census Records

Germany - Various Records

Italy - Various Records

France - Various Records

Other Countries

Ellis Island - Passenger Lists

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Mayflower Passenger List #1

Mayflower Passenger List #2

Signers of the Declaration of Ind. #1

Signers of the Declaration of Ind. #2

England - Domesday Book (medieval census)

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