Meet Results 2017 (click here)

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SMS XC 2017


Front (left to right): 


Luke Brogee, Seth Mikesell, Ellie Hahn, Alaina Williams,
Vanessa Paysen, Justin Altenbach, Gabriel Rutter


Middle (left to right): 


Thomas Cover, Addie Bowers, Kaden Kohlrieser, Molly Stump,
Ava Schaaf, Madison Lyon, Reese Taviano, Isaiah Johns


Back (left to right): 


Coach Freewalt, Lily Cleaves, Kaelan Swallow, Jacob Miller,
Jake Fraser, Liam Nance, Katie Curl, Ireland Fay, Coach Kopilchack


Not Pictured:

Natalya Booher, Kennedy Jensen