Meet Results 2015 (click here)

(see names below - click the photo for a larger image)

SMSXC 2015


Front (left to right): 


Madi Rex, Morgan Taviano, Katie Brunner, Kunmi Ojo, Jillian Belton,
Ximena Santin, Kaelynn Coulter


Middle-Front (left to right): 


Jensen Peters-Wills, Mason Adlesh, Carter Jensen, Ben Curl,
Trever Miller, Brody Bolois, Tyler Gibson, Chris Paysen


Middle-Back (left to right): 


Alyssa Ketcham, Kaylee McGue, Jessica Duncan, Hanna Watt,
Lexie Marshall, Emily Bryan, Michaela Rutter, Camiryn Kohlhorst,
Isabella Morris, Maggie Gray


Back (left to right): 


Coach Freewalt, Carter Schaaf, George Mangas, Xavier Bucher,

Landin Schumacher, Jack Fraser, Evan Patterson, Colton Drexler


Not Pictured:

Payton Hollar, Kayshaun Booher, Austin Lewis, Coach Kopilchack


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