Meet Results 2001 (click here)

(see names below)

Front row from left:

Jessica Owens, Felicia Boham, Carrie Lewis, Christy Ley

Second row from left:

Cory Parent, Courtney McCann, Jill Birum, Kelly Myers, Shaina Gerad, Nicki Garland, Elise Treadway, Thomas Scott

Third row from left:

Jamie Holten, Quinton Moye, Josh Kinkle, Ralph Cooke, Chad Workman, Dustin Kinkle, Travis Rockhold

Back row from left:

Jay Paglow, Michael Haycock, Kurtis Barnes, Trevor Pellegrini, Justin Toland

Not pictured:

Dan Dailey, DJ Maley, Coach Freewalt


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