Jason's Poetry

I wrote these poems in college at Indiana Wesleyan University in the Spring of 1998.
Although I really disliked poetry when I started, I had a lot more fun than I expected.

Oh, Smiley Face

Oh, smiley face, black lines on yellow brow,
Rejoice in your curve-lined and tranquil world.
In constant character, one feeling shows,
Not knowing pain or worry, sin or work.


So iridescent, round and feather light,
All full of life, yet empty in their flight.
With perfect form they fall to table top,
And burst for joy to leave a liquid spot.


The sparkling, twinkling light upon my desk
becomes an eerie glow when homework rests
like death inside a coffin. Living dead
that rises, grinning, taunting me to take
a risk and fight it. Slowly killing me.


Pensive eyes stare,
Glaring deep from within.
Troubled grin aware
Of love's light growing dim.
Love is lost, but can be found again.

The Battle of Life

The large, yet weathered crown upon the head
Of noble king in midst of battle fierce
So heavy lies and weighs like something dead,
Oppressing feelings, thoughts that often pierce
His mind. Such thoughts of wife and countrymen
And all the pleasing things that came his way
Through life of power, plenty, gold, and gems.
These thoughts attack him, cursing him this day.
With wounds of flesh and wounds of pride that drain
And bleed and steal his will to live and fight,
The king with broken, bloody hands of pain
Takes up his sword and plots to end his life.
Yet something stops him from this cursed deed.
He thinks of God and country, queen and seed.

Fruit Of The Vine

As babies, they were once
The color of pale grass.
Now, ripe and plum-colored,
They cling to their kin
By spindly vine fingers.

Toy Gun

Colorful innards contrast its housing
To create surrealistic anarchy and lawlessness,
Inviting the would-be assailant
To squeeze
So slightly.
The water bullets out,
Seeking its prey.
The damage, light and fleeting,
Inflicts pleasure on all.


Plump pasta, dripping
with sauce as it finds its way
to my willing mouth.


A greeting extended to all of my kin,
I've come, I'm here,
It's me who's stopped in.

A grandma to visit in the city of Bryan,
I'm sorry we missed you,
Despite all our trying.

It's Erika, her grandma we've come here to see.
So sorry we missed you,
My dear family.


The eyes of a loved one,
deep blue. Calling.
Drawing me into their
infinite gaze. Longing.
Lost in the sea of blue,
unconditional. Falling.

The Flaws Of Oz

     I am the great
        and powerful
      all knowing,
         all seeing wizard.
      I shoot balls of flame
         and shake the ground,
      proclaiming my greatness
         and might.
"The great and powerful Oz has spoken!"
      Emerald City
          and Land of
      pay tribute
          and see me as king.
      I keep them safe from the wicked witch, the wicked witch
          and her minions.
"Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain!"
      I nervously cry, fiery head scowling
          wickedly upon the trembling trio and dog.
      Exposed! Now they
         will know I am a mere fraud.
      Foiled! Now they
         will curse me for my bluff.
      Power fading, the
         wizard dying,
      yielding life to the man who

      Now I stand, naked and mortal,
      no more fire or mystic powers.
      I am just a man, a simple
      man from Kansas. I want to go home. •• Freewalt Family •• Search •• Terms of Use

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