Ay and the Dahamunzu Affair

The Spark that Ignited the Reformation: Leo, Albrecht, Luther, and the Ninety-Five Theses


Rebirth Pangs: The Crises of the Fourteenth Century and the Renaissance


War, Politics, and Humanism in Machiavelli's Art of War


After the Black Death, by George Huppert: An Annales School Analysis of Early Modern Europe


Dawn of the Black Death - The Eve of Europe's Great Mortality 1347-1351


The Fall of the Templars and Teutonic Knights and the Aftermath of the Black Death: Political and Economic Ramifications of Two Late-Medieval Events


Medieval Lordship: The Shepherd, the Tyrant, and the Politician


Early Medieval Monarchies: From Barbarian Tribes to Powerful Medieval Kingdoms


Decline and Fall of the Byzantine Empire: The Death of Basil II and the Beginning of Byzantine Decline


Justinian and China: Connections between the Byzantine Empire and China during the Reign of Justinian I


Constantine, Justinian, and Heraclius: Pivotal Byzantine Emperors of the 4th-9th Centuries


Marco Polo's Travels and the Middle East: Marco Polo's Bridge between Europe and China


The Iranian Revolution of 1979: An Essay on R. K. Ramazani's 1980 Article, "Iran's Revolution: Patterns, Problems and Prospects"


Ancient Military Technology and Materiel: Continuity and Change in Ancient Close-Combat Warfare


Battle Report: The Battle of Megiddo (Thutmose III)


Collapse of Bronze Age Civilization in the Eastern Mediterranean - Conspiring Factors That Led to the Dark Ages


Sargon the Great of Akkad - The First Empire Builder of Mesopotamia


Rome and China - Connections Between Two Great Ancient Empires


The Ghosts of Cannae, by Robert L. O'Connell - A Book Review


Virgil's Explanation for the Roman Miracle - A Book Review of The Aeneid


The Rise and Fall of Greek Military Tactics and their Failure at Chaeronea


Battle Report: Alexander the Great's Siege of Tyre 332 BC


Battle Report: The Battle of Chaeronea 338 BC


Developing the Western Way of War - Ancient Greek Warfare and Hanson's Western Way of War Thesis


Qi: The Energy of the Martial and Traditional Healing Arts (submitted as a requirement for my black belt test in Ryukyu Kempo)


Alexander the Great and the Public and Private Spheres of Greek Life: A Comparative Methodology Essay


Women in Ancient Athens: A Primary Source Investigation of their Roles


The Oracle of Delphi and Greek Religion


Herodotus: Military and Cultural Historian


Historiographical Essay on Arrian of Nicomedia (the primary historian of Alexander the Great)


The "Minoan" Eruption of Thera and its Disruption of Civilizations


Compounding Information


The Scientific Revolution


Overcoming Contaminated Water in Ancient Times


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